Helena Scuba
3280 Centennial Dr, Ste. A
 Helena, Montana 59601
(1 mile east of WalMart, just off HWY 12)

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Why do we dive? Cuz we can can can! 

About Helena Scuba!

In May 2006, Glen & Karen McKinnon purchased Helena Scuba and their lives were forever changed. Glen is busy teaching students and Karen runs the shop and puts together tropical dive vacations with a new one in the works at any given time. With the summer months in Montana being so short, they make the most out of the time they have at the lake. They generally are certifying new divers each weekend here and in the winter they travel to Seattle or Logan, Utah. 

STORE MOTTO: Why do we dive? Cuz we can, can, can! 

Glen started scuba classes in April of 2000 and wanted to get certified for a trip to Tahiti.  He ended up getting certified in Tahiti.  As calm a person that he is, the first thing he did when doing the giant stride into the ocean was bite off his mouth piece but made that first open water dive, ripped mouthpiece and all and he was hooked.  The clownfish and lionfish were his first fish to see, and he was excited.  In 2004 he finally became an instructor and is now a Master Scuba Diver Trainer and has over 4,000 dives.  He is that very calm instructor that will hold your hand and take the extra time to make sure you are comfortable in the water.

Karen has been diving since 2003 with the intent to just learn to snorkel and please her family.  She was very afraid of the water and would not even walk ankle deep in it.  They were going on a trip to Grand Cayman and her family talked her into getting certified before that, but she ended up getting it done there, and she too was hooked, even though it took her many many dives to get really comfortable, Glen did lots of hand holding under the water.  When in Bonaire she took a photography class, and that changed everything.  It became something to focus on, and as the dives kept adding up and the many thousands of photos taken, she is now comfortable in the underwater environment.  The photos in the store that you will see are hers and she now is doing all the photos for the store.

They love to travel and there is always a new dive trip in the near future.  Join them for animal interaction and for learning some new things of the ocean, even if it is just the name of a fish that you didn’t know.